At Last! The User Manual for Your Body!

ph360 gives you the answers you’ve been looking for! The User Manual for your body to live in optimal health!

  • ph360 lists the foods to eat AND the foods to avoid to achieve the results you want
  • It shows you how to make changes to your exercise, and your environment at home, at work or on vacation so you feel refreshed and rejuvenated every day.
  • ph360 shows you your natural talents so you can concentrate on what you are good at and feel ‘in the zone’ whenever you want to.
  • It shows you who to hang out with and who to avoid and gives you uncanny insight into the way your brain works and how you relate to the world around you.
  • Best of all, ph360 changes as you change! The world’s first online app for optimal, personalized health based on You!

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From the Experts

ph360 is the future of health – available now. It brings the best of advanced functional medicine and predictive personalized health together into a simple dashboard that provides all the answers we seek for our own personal wellness.

This phenomenal platform recognises that health, fitness and nutrition are unique to each individual and so aggregates data from your body, health history, environment ,ancestry and lifestyle to calculate truly personalized recommendations that consider both genetic and epigenetic influences on the current state of our health.

We’ve been blown away with the results from ph360 users – better sleep, more energy, improved memory, reduced pain, significant weight loss – all noticing changes within days not months.

Best of all we KNOW it works. We’ve had an international team of specialists and physicians spend the past 10 years developing ph360, tested in over 6 countries on more than 10,000 people.

ph360 is a world’s first. There is nothing like it. So go ahead and try this incredible new program for the special introductory price of $97 and find out the power it has to help you change your life and health for the better.

Matt Riemann
Founder and CEO

Everything You Need to Know about ph360 in 90 secs!

What is ph360?

The worlds first online health app that takes scientific information from your body and shows you the exact path to optimal health that is right for You. Developed by an international team of physicians & experts, and proven in more than 6 countries over the past 10 years, ph360 is truly revolutionizing personalized health.

What does it do?

ph360 shows you what to eat, what not to eat, how to exercise, your ideal surroundings, who best to socialise with, what your natural talents are and how your mind works – so that your body has the ideal setting to regain balance and your ultimate health.

ph360 iPad

How does it work?

ph360 measures your body, health, lifestyle and ancestry, crunching more than 500 scientific formulas, ratios and over 10,000 data points, so you have the power to know the right foods, activity and lifestyle for your body to get healthy. All presented in a simple dashboard, just for you.

How do I use it?

Simply enter your measurements and complete your health questions for 24/7 access to your ph360 dashboard. Find ph360 on your laptop or digital device for information at your finger tips – anytime, anywhere for your natural way to health – uninterrupted.

Why should I buy it?

Because it works. ph360 is specific to you, your body and your goals which means you get results. It’s not the standard set of ‘healthy guidelines’ – ph360 calculates what your body needs to be in optimal shape, and empowers you to take charge of your health and wellness today!

The Personal Health Revolution

We have grown up in a time of fad diets and trendy fitness workouts – the new craze and the next best thing. We have somehow forgotten that each one of us is unique.

There’s a very high chance that something which worked for someone else, won’t work for you – mediterranean diet, paleo diet, no carb diet, juice fasting, cardio classes, weight training, 6 minute abs – there is no ‘one size fits all’.

Don’t settle for generic diets and fitness plans. Find out the right foods, exercise & lifestyle for Your body. Personalize your future today.

Good News! We now know EXACTLY what your body wants!

Female doctor

ph360 offers a revolutionary look at
personal health and enables individuals to easily follow customized guidance for their health and well-being.
The impact digital platforms can have
on transforming health in scalable,
quantifiable ways is astounding.

ph360′s focus on preventative health

brings us one step closer to empowering each individual

to take charge of their health.

But here’s the good news. Did you know your body has a code that can tell you exactly what it needs to be in top shape? Your body was born to function in an optimal way – we are all designed like that. The remarkable thing is that, now, with the culmination of knowledge from modern technology, science and ancient studies we can interpret that code which tells us exactly what your body needs – straight from the source. From You.

That’s what ph360 does. It takes information from your body and your life to unlock that code and give you specific guidelines for your body, right now. To get you feeling awesome and looking great. All with no intrusive testing or typing.

Simple? Yes. Easy? Yes. Results?

Listen to what our users are saying and decide for yourself!

Are you ready? Make a difference in Your Health, Life and Body Today!

1-Year Access $97

24/7 Unlimited updates. Incredible value.